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Heated Towel Rails and Why You Need To Install One At Home  

Heated Towel Rails add functionality and style to bathrooms. For homeowners, there are various styles, designs and finishes available and so you can easily get one that suits your needs and preferences. The fitting of the towel rail is important but there are still some people who do it themselves. Unless you have plumbing and electrical wiring skills, do not install the heated towel rail on your own.


The types available in the market.


Heated towel rail can be installed in the bedroom or bathroom. If it is to be mounted in the toilet then you have to ensure that the wiring regulations in your area are adhered to. The two types of the Heated Towel Rails in the market are towel radiators and the electric towel rails. The former are usually connected to a central heating loop.


What do you consider in the choice?


As stated above, there are various styles, designs and brands of towel rails in the market. If you want to choose the best, you must consider some important factors such as –

  1. Whether it uses heated element or will be connected to central heating system.


Does the heated towel rail use heated element or it should be connected to a central heating system in your home? The greatest difference between the two is that the central heated towel rails will only work when the central heating system is turned on. The time when the central heating system is likely to be turned on is during the winter. This means that even during the summer months you may have to turn on the whole system then close valves to all radiators with the exception of only the heated towel rail.


  1. Size and the output of heat:


Usage is important when deciding on the suitable Heated Towel Rail in NZ. Will it installed in family bathroom? Are multiple towels needed for each of the family members? Depending on the needs, you may have to buy a small heated towel or large one.


  1. Location of installation:


Most of the modern homes are insulated and thus the location of the heated towel rail may not be of major concern. However, you need to ensure the heated towel rail is installed at the coldest wall in the bathroom. Installation experts will prefer outside wall that has window on it. For effective and efficient heating, it must be installed at the right location.


Consider these three important factors to ensure you install the heated towel rail at your home and reap the benefits of warm wrap after shower.