Peaceful Activities in Manali

Manali is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India and home to several winter sports. Thousands of daredevils and adventurers visit Manali every year to enjoy adrenaline-pumping sports like rafting, skiing, snowboarding, etc. But did you know, Manali also offers several peaceful activities for its visitors? After a long tiresome day in the snow, when its time to relax, you can enjoy the following activities to your heart’s content and recuperate.

Here, are the top 4 peaceful activities that should be a part of your Manali tour package.


There are several places in and around Manali that serve as an exemplary sight for avid photographers. Make sure that you carry a decent digital camera or a DSLR on your trip to Manali for some great shots of the woods, snow as well as the mountains. The area around Solang Valley is perfect for capturing sports enthusiasts who show off their stunts. Also, you can visit Kasol to capture the true essence of nature and rural life which seems stuck in time.


Every person must experience camping beneath the stars at least once in their lives. You can visit Manali and the nearby areas in the months of summer to escape the heat of the Indian subcontinent and enjoy the cool breeze of the snowy mountains. Choosing the correct Manali tour package will hook you up with the right contacts who can get you all the tools for a surreal camping experience.Camping, Travel, Sunrise, Adventure, Nature, Vacation

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The river Beas runs through the heart of Manali. You can find several great fishing spots on the banks of this river where you can enjoy a peaceful time with your family or friends. You will find several healthy fish in the shallow waters of the Beas river. There are several spots in the river where the water is just knee deep and filled with fishes. You can enjoy catching fishes with your bare hands here.


Kayaking is another one of the popular peaceful activities in Manali. You can enjoy a surreal white-water rafting experience on one part of the Beas river while enjoying kayaking on the other part. You can find several agencies in and around Manali that offer you kayaks as well as all the necessary safety gear for kayaking.

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Enjoying these 4 popular peaceful activities on a wondrous morning in Manali will bring joy as well as tranquillity to your heart.